Limestone can make a beautiful addition to any commercial, institutional, or industrial space. The stone adds a natural beauty and a touch of the outdoors indoors. Business owners, interior designers, and builders know there are many advantages that come with using limestone in their projects. Limestone has an ability to be cut and sanded to any shape, and unlike other materials. With proper care and maintenance, limestone can last a lifetime. When polished to a high shine, limestone is spectacular on office walls, entrance area floors and corridors.

When searching for your next experienced commercial masonry contractor, look no further than G Lolos Masonry. Here, we use the latest equipment and up to date limestone restoration techniques to deliver beautiful results and get your business to look sophisticated, shiny, and new! To learn more about how we can help you with your next limestone or stonework project, call for a free service quote at (630) 539-3644. Visit our gallery to view numerous examples of limestone installations in a commercial environment.

Advantages of Limestone:

  • Limestone is formed from sand and the shells of aquatic life, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice when designing a new project.
  • Limestone is available in varying degrees of hardness and unique range of colors that are not found in any other choice of stone.
  • Limestone can be cut and sanded into any shape.
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